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Seal Sepia Bengal

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Seal Sepia Bengal kitten
Availability: Available
Sex: Male
Age: 12 weeks

G8 generation from wild feline – Eddie is our lovely Seal Sepia (Green eyes) rosette snow kid. I’m so satisfied with the size consistency and even the progression of his example. He is additionally, particularly what I’m attempting to breed with head type with extraordinary profile, the width of the nose, ear position and a wonderfully bending back skull. Other than being so attractive Eddie is extremely adoring and is continually needing his space on my lap. He’s fun-loving, interesting and loaded with Bengal tricks however at last where he needs to be is murmuring in my lap. I’m past eager to perceive what the future program resembles with Eddie and glad for the way that he is 5 ages of my reproducing in my endeavors with my snow program on the two sides of his family.


Seal Sepia Bengal

Hello, don’t forget to adopt your Seal Sepia Bengal kitten here for affordable prices. Shipping via all states in the USA and worldwide.

  • The seal sepia Bengal can without much of a stretch be separated from the seal lynx Bengal as it has extensively darker markings during childbirth.
  • The seal sepia Bengal can regularly seem, by all accounts, to be a darker Bengal.
  • Their quality is latent so as to create a seal sepia Bengal, the shading must be conveyed by the two guardians. The seal sepia Bengal has brick red nose leather and brown, green or hazel colored eyes.
  • The seal sepia Bengal has a pale ivory foundation shading with different shades of mid to dim dark colored markings. The undersides are white and there is almost no distinction between the shade of the body markings and the point shading. The tail tip is constantly dark.
  • Normally brought into the world with dim markings, their eyes change from a splendid blue during childbirth to an emerald green shading. They are a mix of two Burmese (cb/cb) shading quality reproduced together.


Bengals come in a wide range of hues. The three fundamental breed-acknowledged hues are dark-colored, day off, silver. Luckily, Bengal’s shading hereditary qualities are not very unpredictable. A reproducer who knows with conviction their felines hues. Both prevailing and passive can anticipate the conceivable result of a forthcoming litter. UC Davis has a basic procedure for hereditary shading testing. So, if a reproducer has any uncertainty with respect to shading, or needs to know about latent qualities, it is ideal to have a shading test done.

  • Sepia seems to be like mink at a youthful age, however, as grown-ups most intently take after dark colored Bengals with the exception of that the foundation and stamping shading is generally marginally lighter, albeit some can look increasingly like Mink. Sepia Bengals have green to gold-hued eyes. We will have Sepia shaded Bengals in 2020.
  • They are the darkest of the snow Bengals and their shading keeps on creating till around 6-12months.

What is a wild sort?

On the off chance that you could remove the example from your Bengal would it despite everything resemble a feline that just ventured out of the wilderness, or would it resemble a household feline?

  • The characteristics that give a Bengal its wild look can incorporate little adjusted ears set along the edge of the head, thick panther tail, huge nighttime eyes, strong athletic body with streaming development, (that panther feline walk!), wild jaguar molded head, generous jawline, puffy hair cushions.
  • So is there an ideal Bengal that has everything? No, however, the greater the amount of these qualities they have the less household-they look.
  • The Bengal’s that we will be taking a gander at on this page are called SBTs, this implies they are in any event four ages from an Asian Leopard feline.
  • We should take a gander at a portion of these characteristics of TYPE… what do we see?
  • EARS… what would it be a good idea for them to resemble?
  • As a matter of first importance the littler the better, with adjusted tips. We don’t need tall pointed ears.

Order you Bengal Kittens NOW.

The Asian Leopard feline agouti quality.

With the ongoing capacity to hereditarily test for the Asian Leopard feline agouti quality. The progression in hues on the Bengal felines will probably increasingly advance rapidly. The Agouti quality may open the key to helping us consolidate a yellow base coat. With highly contrasting markings where required. Presently, apparently Apb is responding with the Felis agouti quality by obscuring down all the hues on a feline – both base coat and the markings.


The Seal Sepia shading originates from an outcross to Burmese. Seal Sepia little cats are brought into the world with a noticeable example. Their eyes can run from green to gold. Inside the sepia arrangement, a few felines can nearly resemble a yellow dark-colored. While others have a clear snow-like shading with sepia markings. The entirety of the snows whenever reared well can bring about great differentiation. Frequently the sepia hued felines have coats that most intently take after the shades of the snow panther.

Most wild felines have little round ears on the head (snow panthers, lions, cheetahs, Asian panther felines). Ears like this give the Bengal little cat a superb fledgling like appearance and grown-up Bengal’s a lot more out of control look.


The perfect tail is thick and panther like. Bengal tails ought to be far away from flimsy ‘whippy’ local feline tail as could reasonably be expected. An exceptional Bengal tail ought to be thick and strong, conveyed low, with an unpolished, adjusted, essentially dark tip.

7 reviews for Seal Sepia Bengal

  1. Emaawilliam

    Delivery on time.

  2. John Blake

    On the contrary, delivery was not made on time. These babies are too cute for me to rate less.

  3. Gomez Claire

    Very amazing. Thanks for your assistance. I greatly appreciate all that you guys did.

  4. Litty Mane

    At first, I thought this was expensive, I had to be ripped off twice before I came and bought a kitten from here. THANKS.

  5. Karl Mirth

    ABC kitten is definitely reliable. I receive my cat yesterday with all her documents and thanks for the toys you sent. I will send you pictures

  6. Hannaline Moore

    I hope you guys get more welcoming customer service agents like Jessica. I was pleased to talk to her on the phone and she was better and at her best as compared to the two previous agents I spoke too.

  7. Jezebel Bright

    My better half and I have just had our kitty, Neptune, for a few months and we are totally infatuated! He is a canine individual and I am a feline woman, however since I’m hypersensitive to felines and am not a canine fan we didn’t have a clue whether we would wind up getting any pets… fortunately we found a kitty from abckittens.

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