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Seal Mink Bengal Kitten

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Wilde in a black spotted color Bengal kitten
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Seal Mink Bengal Kitten

Adopt a Seal Mink Bengal kitten today from ABC Farm for a moderate fee. All our kittens are health checked and issued all legal paperwork before been shipped same day.

  • The seal mink Bengal is a mix of the seal lynx and the seal sepia, in that it has one duplicate of each shading quality.
  • The snow seal mink Bengal has a pale ivory foundation shading with different shades of mid to dull dark colored markings. The undersides are white and there is next to no distinction between the shade of the body markings and the point shading. The tail tip is constantly dark.
  • The seal mink Bengal has block red nose calfskin and turquoise blue hued eyes.
  • A seal mink snow Bengal is typically a green-peered toward snow Bengal, brought into the world light beige in shading, with the markings creating to be a medium-dark colored shading.

As grown-ups, they can have a light cream to light than foundation shading with light to medium tan hued rosettes. Mink Bengals have Aqua shaded eyes.

  • The Mink shading happens when the little cat has one Seal Lynx quality and one Seal Sepia quality.
  • Think about the mink as the pink petunia with one red quality and one white quality.
  • While their eyes are typically a water green, they can be gold. Since a Mink must have both the Lynx and Sepia quality, a dark-colored feline can’t convey for the Mink quality.
  • In case you’re informed that a dark-colored conveys for Mink, you are managing somebody who doesn’t have an away from of hereditary qualities.

Hereditarily, the Seal Mink Bengal is cb/cs. This implies it has acquired one duplicate of the Siamese (cs) quality and one duplicate of the Burmese (cb) quality.

Regularly displaying excellent water hued eyes, the mink can likewise have green eyes.

The foundation shading will be ivory, cream or light tan and markings will be different shades of seal mink to dim seal mink.


Seal Mink Snows are conceived demonstrating contrast yet can vary in shading.
That will normally obscure some as they developed. The shading foundation of the Seal Mink is as a rule in ivory, cream or buff. With a practically caramel-chocolate tone to their spotted or marbled example. Seal minks cats have water or green eyes.

The Seal Mink (cs/cb) Bengal is somewhat darker by and large than the Seal Lynx Point Bengal. Furthermore, will have water hued eyes as a grown-up.

The snow seal mink Bengal is lighter than the snow seal lynx. Its base coat ranges from ivory or cream-hued to a light tan. It might have blue eyes, nonetheless, which can make it befuddling. Be that as it may, their eyes additionally come in the water, which makes it simple to perceive this shading.

Markings of a seal mink snow Bengal feline range from light to dull tan seal markings. The tip of their tail has a dull seal-darker shading. When searching for the most extreme differentiation right now, you need to search for one on the light finish of the scale with regards to the base coat and the dull finish of the scale with regards to the markings.

3 reviews for Seal Mink Bengal Kitten

  1. Tony Slick

    One of my best pet home. ABC kittens are the best. Any time any where, I will always recommend you guys. I love your customer service.

  2. Larry Glay

    Stunning and beautiful. Please I order mine a week ago and actually pay for a deposit. Kindly let me know when you will ship my little princess.

    • admin

      We emailed you.

  3. Trina

    Most recommended. Customer service is the most welcoming and very knowledgable.

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